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Ways to Become a Speedrunner

Speedrunners are part of gaming’s elite group, and the skill is actually pretty easy to learn but it’s difficult to master. Speedrunning is gaming in its craziest form, trying to complete a game during the fastest amount of time possible.

It has a community, several events attached to it, and a dedicated fan base of video games and gamers who provide tips, comments and have even tried to break some tough records.

Picking a game

Almost any game can be speedrun, but some games are better for it than others. Older platforming games like Mario and Metroid are the top choices because they aren’t long, generally are straightforward, and are fun to play with a reliance on skill.

Although some RPG’s and strategy games have been successfully done as speed running games, but typically the record holders go for platformers.

Still, whatever is chosen for the speed running game, it has to be fun. It’s going to be played over and over again and it’s important for the player to never get bored. Frustration is okay, but never boredom.

Study it like a test

Once a game has been picked, a basic knowledge of coding and a deep study of the game must be applied. Speedrunners use tricks and exploits that take a while to find and even longer to master, and even seasoned game veterans struggle to use these tricks.

The learning curve is steep, but not unclimbable.

Accept that mistakes, both human and machine are going to occur. The computer will freeze, power could cut off, or a jump that needs to be made might miss. The important thing to do is to keep going and never stop.

Treat it like a sport

For games that take a long time, be prepared. Eat a meal, use the bathroom, and rest your fingers for some time beforehand. Then have a snack and several drinks nearby to recharge during a long run. There will always be time for a break, even if you have to pause the clock and take five minutes to use the restroom.

Work it with a team

After the game has been picked, be sure to find a speed running community that can support you. Experienced runners are kind and more than happy to support a new speedrunner, and the community isn’t exclusive by any means.

By using the resources available, new speedrunners can learn a thing or two about the game from the pros, and at least have an idea of where to start when speedrunning for themselves.

Speedrunning isn’t easy, but it is doable and fun for those who build up an audience around them and can let players not only experience a game in a new way but also understand the various glitches, tips, and hacks that make going through the game in a fast time doable.

So pick a game, find a community, and most important of all, go fast and don’t ever stop until the time cap is hit.

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