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The Hidden Benefits Of Cheating In Video games

While cheating has a very negative stigma, cheating in a video game can often lead to real-world hurt. Including making the experience less fun, outright theft of in-game items, and other problems.

However, not all cheating is bad, and when the act of ‘cheating’ is split into its groups of how and why it is done, then it can even be acceptable in certain situations.

Cheating, much like every other activity, has a line and various degrees of the action and definitions.

The definitions of cheating

It’s always wrong: These people believe that any outside help is bad. This includes online tutorials, walkthroughs, and cheat codes given by the developers.

The game code is the boundary: These cheaters believe that walkthroughs and outside help are good, but actually changing the game’s code to add weapons, items, or change health bars is considered cheating.

Multiplayer cheating: These gamers say that cheating is fine and good in single player/offline modes but if they get taken online that’s the line that can’t be crossed. Using a stronger character during player vs player battles or outright stealing another human player’s items during multiplayer is wrong.

Types of cheating

Most game hacks that exist in singleplayer are used for fun, used to give extra lives, unlock weapons and items that were put into the game’s files but never released to the public. These are often used in singleplayer and are considered harmless ways to add fun to the game.

In fact, to some gamers, mods that alter the game’s source code are considered cheats but are often used anyway to breathe new life into a fun game such as Skyrim. They’re too fun to be wrong!

Other strategy guides allow for players to get strategies and tips for hard areas, often giving them a helping hand to get past a hard level and preventing them from giving up on the game.

Some other cheating (the kind associated with the negative stigma) includes buying items with in-game currency, then moving to sell those items to lower level players for in-game currency, as well as purposefully overpowering a character in a zone that is meant for beginners.

This cheating not only makes the cheater an outcast in the gaming community but also ruins what was supposed to be a fun experience and just leaves a bad taste in the mouth of everyone involved.

Conclusion and the Benefits.

However, most hackers are beneficial to the community. Some are brought in by gaming companies to test for exploits that they might have missed while others simply hack to keep their skills sharp or give things to the game that the Game developers either couldn’t or wouldn’t do.

In fact, some developers have even praised modders and those who have added new features to their game, sometimes even implementing the features into sequels. Gamers wouldn’t have certain skills or weapons if a creative modder hadn’t added them in first.

So for all those who say cheating is bad, be sure to understand the types of cheating and the hidden benefits they provide gamers everywhere.

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