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How to Fully Enjoy Your Games

I spend a whole lot of time playing mobile games, which some might argue isn’t very productive of me, but I really don’t care.  It’s something that is a great time-killer in my free time, and it’s great when I happen to be waiting on something.

Most of the games that I play are online, and I often get frustrated by the fact that they often expect you to pay in order to be able to advance.

Micro-transactions are one of the worst things about online mobile games, and so I try and get by them whenever I can.  Here are some tips as to how I do it.

Find specific cheat apps for specific games

If you have a specific game on your phone that uses micro-transactions, then someone has probably created an app to help you get around them.

Most of these apps will work with a PC, and they involve adding different elements to your account like coins and other perks.

It can be really frustrating that these games give an advantage to people who pay more money, and that is why it is always a good idea to use one of these cheating apps whenever you get a chance.

All-in-one apps are nice, but be careful what you download

There are some apps out there that will work for multiple games, and this makes things a whole lot easier on you.  However, it is always important to be careful what you download to your PC or your phone.

Some of the apps that you find on the internet might contain viruses, and you ought to do whatever you can to avoid these.

Before I download any app, I always make sure to run an internet search on it to see what others are saying about it.  I also always run it through my anti-virus software before I actually run it.

Keep in mind that updates might patch loopholes

The way these apps work is to take advantage of exploits or loopholes within the game’s programming.  Unfortunately, apps downloaded from the app store are likely to update automatically, and when they do, the programmers will often patch these exploits to deny the hack program access.

If you are trying to cheat in a mobile game, it’s a good idea to turn automatic updates off so that you won’t lose your entryway into the cheat.  Some games might require an update, so you’ll have to find an updated hack.

The overall benefit of fighting micro-transactions

No one likes micro-transactions, but it has become part of the mobile gaming experience. This is because programmers want to advertise their games as “free to play” while still making money.

Many gamers like myself consider this to be a shady practice, and so trying to get past this practice can be essential to avoiding the inherent exploitation of the game developers and getting full, free enjoyment of a game that tries to advertise itself as free, anyway.

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