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Avoiding the “Free to Play” Scam

One of the things that frustrates me more than anything else is when I download a game that’s advertised as “free to play” only to find that I’m expected to pay a bunch of money in micro-transactions.

Generally, I’ll see a game in the app store that looks cool and is a free download.  Then, once I’ve started playing it, I’ll realize that I can only play the game so much before I end up having to pay in order to continue.

I have, however, found a bunch of different ways to avoid this.

How they getcha!

You might find a game that is right up your alley, and so you download it and begin playing it for free, and you enjoy it as you’re playing.

Then, all of the sudden, you realize that you either don’t have the necessary in-game currency to continue playing, or you have to wait a certain amount of time to move forward in the game, or both.

This is something that has become the general business model of online gaming, and it can be really frustrating to those who simply want to enjoy a game.

Paying to win

In competitive online games, micro-transactions essentially work as a way for individual players to pay to help them to win.  Basically, the more money you spend on the game, the easier it will be to level-up, and no one who hasn’t paid will be able to compete.

I hate this business practice, as it makes you either not enjoy the competitive nature of the game, or it encourages you to pay money in order to gain an advantage over your peers.

Instead of paying to win, however, I choose to cheat.

Different resources to help you

Depending upon the game, there are probably going to be ways around the micro-transactions.  For most games that require these transactions, there is an app out there somewhere to help you avoid them.

Some of these apps can be downloaded directly to your phone, and others will need a PC in order for you to run them.  While cheating in competitive online gaming seems like a dishonest thing to do, the fact that people can pay money to have an in-game advantage over you takes a whole lot of the fun out of playing.

All I do is go online and search for the game and the words “cheat app,” and with most games, I’ve been able to find an app that will work.

Making competitive games fun again

It’s no fun to play a competitive game and constantly lose simply because your opponent has a little bit more money to spend than you do.

Thankfully, these apps undermine that paid advantage and allow you to get back on a level playing field with your opponents.

There are so many competitive games out there that I enjoy that probably would be no fun at all without these cheat apps, and that’s why I recommend them to others.

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